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Applied genetics by top level experts from DNAtest.CZ
DNA tests - paternity, nutri-genomics, genealogy, forensic, full scan and health diagnostics.

DNA test - paternity, relationship, forensic or genealogy test fast and reliable


Help people discover the truth and find answers through our expertise in DNA testing and analysis. - Healthy Diet based on your genes

Comprehensive health and wellness genetic and biometrics tests that provides therapeutists a unique combination of information regarding nutrigenetics, medication response, and a number of common health conditions. Using a scientificaly verified algorithm, this method also provides a genetically-matched diet allowing to make specific recommendations to their clients to help them achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Genetic Audit - map your hereditary genetic diseases

Understand your risks - by deep mapping your hereditary genetic markers. Evidence based reports and information.

What we do

Applied genetics - DNA testing (OTC) for common people. And methodology "how to use results". Easy. For you.

evidence based

Scientific background is basic rule for all our tests. Every word is based on hard evidence from the lab and trustworthy research papers.

reliable, responsible

15 years of experience with no complaint. Trust in every step: from transparent relation with client to strong quality control inside.


We serve clients in more than 10 countries. We use labs in 5 countries. We localize results to elementary language for everyone.


Number of new services based on latest science and technical advantages. Methodology adjusted every year to efficiency and sureness.

big data

Harvesting data sources to pump it up our portfolio of consumer tests. Explaining difficult data records in easy reports.

smart products

The Earth moves and we also. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps us to recognize hidden patterns and better serve to our clients.

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